HA lisavalikud pehmete ja kõvade kudede jaoks

Although intraoral application of cross-linked hyaluronic acid (HA) is well described in literature, its vast capacity as an adjunctive treatment tool is still unknown by a larger number of dentists.

Modern periodontal and gingival treatment concepts include medical and mechanical therapy, but the regeneration of the periodontal ligament (PDL) compound remains challenging. The integration of HA into the existing protocols can accelerate regeneration of the PDL. Using HA it now possible to shift and improve the biotype of the gingiva and extend the longevity of teeth, implants and prosthetic rehab. The easy to use protocol including HA for the treatment of acute and chronic gingival or periodontal issues should be added to the existing therapies.

One of the beneficial characteristics of HA is its anti-inflammatory effect.This is predominantly mediated by the signal protein CD44 as the main receptor of HA. Since several years, this effect is also utilized in other medical disciplines including orthopedics, pulmonology or ophthalmology.

Since inflammatory processes requiring treatment are discovered in the intraoral cavity, there is vast potential for HA in this.

Topics in the webinar

  • Clinical case
    • IMPLANT: implant central incisor and frenuloplasty
    • IMPLANT: central incisor extraction, immediate loading with HA injection
    • IMPLANT: immediate implant placement
    • GBR: HA in combination with bone augmentation
    • SOFT TISSUE SURGERY: soft tissue enhancement with HA (2 centrals on implants)
    • SOFT TISSUE SURGERY: from think to thicker gingiva biotype with HA (no graft)