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Periodontal wound healing/regeneration of two-wall intrabony defects following reconstructive surgery with cross-linked hyaluronic acid-gel with or without a collagen matrix: a preclinical study in dogs
Hyaluronic acid in periodontal and bone tissue regeneration
[DE] Korrektur eines periimplantären Weichgewebedefizits nach Knochenaugmentation und Implantation
Healing of intrabony defects following regenerative surgery by means of single-flap approach in conjunction with either hyaluronic acid or an enamel matrix derivative: a 24-month randomized controlled clinical trial
Healing of buccal gingival recessions following treatment with coronally advanced flap alone or combined with a cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel. An experimental study in dogs
Hyaluronic acid slows down collagen membrane degradation in uncontrolled diabetic rats
Hyaluronic acid as adjunctive to nonsurgical and surgical periodontal therapy: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Effectiveness of adjunctive hyaluronic acid application in coronally advanced flap in Miller class I single gingival recession sites a randomized controlled clinical trial
Effect of topically applied hyaluronic acid on pain and palatal epithelial wound healing: An examiner-masked, randomized, controlled clinical trial
Hyaluronic Acid Gel-Based Scaffolds as Potential Carrier for Growth Factors: An In Vitro Bioassay on Its Osteogenic Potential